Raw Triggers

Starting in version 7.3, Shows gained the ability to add “raw triggers”, which are low-level triggers that appear in the Triggers window, even though they belong to a show. Opening the show will add its raw triggers to the Triggers Window, and closing it will remove them again. This allows a coherent set of behavior to be organized in a Show file, regardless of the kinds of triggers it needs. This is especially convenient for offering integration examples as self-contained Show files that can simply be downloaded, opened, and used.

To add a raw trigger to a show, chose File  New Raw Trigger in the show menu bar, or type +R (on the Mac) or Ctrl+R (on other platforms) while that show has keyboard focus.

New Raw Trigger

When there are triggers from shows in the Triggers window, they appear below all independent triggers. The first trigger from a particular show has a header line that explains what show the next set of triggers belong to. Triggers that do not belong to shows have gray backrounds, while triggers from each show share a distinct background color tint:

Triggers window with a show trigger

For details about how to configure the trigger itself, see the Triggers section (but keep in mind that any shared functions, setup, and shutdown expressions that are necessary for the trigger to operate should be added to the show, not the Triggers window, so they travel along with the trigger, and can be run at appropriate times when the show is opened and closed).